Neighborhood Support

Strong neighborhoods are the building blocks of a vital community.  Harrison Township residents are encouraged to get involved in matters related to their neighborhoods.  Support for their efforts is provided through the Development Department. The department's Director is responsible for working with our neighborhoods and neighborhood associations in a positive and proactive manner.

Currently the residents of over 15 neighborhoods have come together as associations to deal with quality of life issues which affect their immediate area.  In some cases, they've banded together strictly for crime watch.  In others, they also work to promote neighborhood improvement and pride.  In addition to the individual Neighborhood Associations, Harrison Township has the President's Council, which is an independent organization whose members are the Presidents of the recognized Neighborhood Associations in Harrison Township.  For additional information on the President's Council, please click here.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the township's neighborhood association requirements and reviewing the registration documents for starting a new neighborhood association, please click on the below link.  Please contact our offices at 890-5611, if you have any questions regarding the registration form or about additional neighborhood services.   Registration documents may be turned into the Development Office, 5945 N. Dixie Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45414.

Neighborhood Association Standards and Strategies

If you are interested in gauging the interest of your neighbors to see if they would be interested in assisting you organize a new Neighborhood Association, please consider some of the below documents as support when you are walking your neighborhood discussing the possibility of forming a new group.

 Neighborhood Survey for possible new Neighborhood Association

 Harrison Township Department Contact Information Sheet

If you and your neighbors decide to get a group started and are looking for some educational tools and ideas, please consider clicking on the following links:

National Neighborhood Watch Institute


Please take a moment to see if there is an active neighborhood association in your neighborhood.  Below is a list of some of the active, recognized township neighborhood associations in Harrison Township along with the contact person who will be able to give additional information regarding their association's goals.  Please contact our office to see if there may be a group in your area which may not be listed and may be meeting as a more informal group for their neighborhoods.

These contacts are not to be used for soliciting purposes.

 Group Name


 Meeting Schedule 

Briar Place

Bridget Garcia

2nd Tuesday of the month - Informal

Catalpa Woods

Teresa Hart



Tom Banks

1st Wednesday

Fort McKinley/Meadowdale

Keith Rihm



Patty Mathews



Vicki Lackey

Last Thursday of the month

Meadows of Catalpa

Evie Darrah

2nd Wednesday of the month


Joyce Barnes

Last Thursday of the month

Mumma Estates

Barb Thomas


Northridge Community

Josh Engle

3rd Wednesday of the month

Pinecrest Knolls

Chari Curtis

1st Thursday of the month


Joanna Bailey


Sienna Village  

Pat Simpson 

3rd Tuesday of the month

Summerville Estates

Della Wright

1st Tuesday of the month

Wampler Estates

Earleen James



Jane Kronenberger

1st Tuesday of the month