Special Projects

Please check some of the new updates below on some of our long term projects staff has been working on for the last few years.  We have recently updated these projects in order to bring you the latest status on these exciting projects.

Harrison Township staff is always looking for new and exciting partnerships and project opportunities through the Harrison Township community.  Being an urbanized community presents new and various challenges every day and township staff has traditionally been able to look at each challenge as a new opportunity to foster new partnerships as well as devise new initiatives which ultimately serve as positive endeavors for the Harrison Township community as a whole.

Please take time to read a quick summary about some of the new projects and click on the link for more in-depth information about each project.

Project Neighborhood

Over the last several  years, Harrison Township has been working with County Corp, Ft. McKinley United Methodist Church, Montgomery County and Oberer Companies in our attempt to revitalize the Ft. McKinley neighborhood, more specifically the residential blocks running between Michigan and El Paso Avenues, in the neighborhood located between Salem and Klepinger Avenues.  The last several years has seen several exciting projects take off, including the demolition of the former Dairy at Pittsburg and Salem Avenues, the removal of most of the dilapidated homes in the neighborhood as well as the new construction of 30 + new single family homes which was started in 2012 and will be completed by the end of 2014.

Please click on the above link for additional details about Project Neighborhood.

The American Carco Project

For almost two decades, Harrison Township has worked with the City of Dayton Wellfield Protection Fund Board and Public Health: Dayton & Montgomery County in our attempt to remediate ground contamination and remove the buildings at the former American Caro site.  This project has been the most unique and intense remediation/demolition project ever taken on by the Development Department staff.  2011 saw all the hard work by all the various jurisdictions pay off in a major way.  By the end of 2013, staff completed a Phase II environmental study paid for by a Clean Ohio Assistance Fund grant and additional off site testing funded by the Source Water Fund Board.  Heading into the latter portion of 2014 and into 2015 staff is continuing to work with our stakeholders in developing both short term and long term remedition plans for the site.

Please click on the above link for additional information about the success of the American Carco project and our plans for the upcoming year.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program

The NSP has been a five year Stimulus Bill project which Harrison Township’s Development Department’s staff was able to start taking advantage of in 2009.  The NSP was designed to assist communities remove vacant and dilapidated homes from their existing neighborhoods.  Our NSP efforts started with a $75,000 grant to assist the department’s efforts in stabilizing some of our older neighborhoods in the township in 2009.  Through the end of 2014 township staff has been able to use continuing NSP funds to demolish  additional  residential properties throughout the Harrison Township community.

Please click on the above link for additional information about the success for the NSP project.

Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Project

In the late spring of 2012, Montgomery County announced our region would be participating in the Ohio Attorney General's "Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Project."  The project, which is being funded by a settlement with the country's largest lending institutions, that the state of Ohio was a part of, is a 50/50 grant program which requires municipalities to match funds awarded from the state.  Harrison Township submitted a proposal to the Montgomery County Treasure's Office in June of 2012, which was subsequently approved and Harrison Township was awarded $117,475 for the project, $55,000 contributed by the township.  Harrison Township's Development Department staff was able to finalize this project by the end of spring 2014.

Please click the above link for additional information about the success of this project.