Street Lighting

In Harrison Township street lights are installed through special street lighting districts where the benefiting property owners pay the costs for installation and operation.

Property owners in a defined area must submit signed “statement of interest” forms, which are available from Cathi Spaugy, Development Director. Once 51 percent of the property owners in the defined area submit these forms, cost calculations can be completed. These forms only state that the property owners are interested in learning about the costs associated street light installation.

After the cost calculations have been completed, they will be sent to all property owners within the area with a formal petition to be signed. When a majority of home owners have signed the petition, the Township Trustees may establish a street lighting district.

Once the street lighting district has been established, D P & L will install the lights. Your share of the annual cost for operation of the lights will appear as a special assessment on your property tax bill. Also, your first special assessment will include your share of the “one time” installation cost of the light fixtures.

An alternative to the establishment of a street lighting district, is the installation of a Night Guard light. Night Guard lights are intended to illuminate individual properties. For more details and information regarding the installation of a Night Guard light, contact Dayton Power & Light Co. at 331-3030 (North Dayton Office) and ask to speak to a residential marketing representative.

If you and your neighbors are interested in beginning the process of studying the possibility of street lights for your street or neighborhood, please click on the following links:

Initial Letter of Interest

Statement of Interest

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact Cathi Spaugy at 890-5611