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How do I determine where my property lines are located?
To determine the location of your property lines, you will need to have a property survey completed. This is done by a certified and professional surveyor. If you purchased your property recently, a survey may have been completed by the title or mortgage company. The township cannot provide this service.

How often are property owners required to cut their grass?

Township codes do not state a specific number of cuts required, but they do state that no grass, weeds, or rank vegetation may exceed 8 Inches In height at any time.

Am I allowed to park vehicles In my front yard?

Township codes state that all vehicles parked In the front or side yard of a property must be on a paved, dust-free surface (concrete or asphalt).

I live next door to a vacant house. What can I do If I see that the house has broken windows or Is otherwise open or easily accessible?

Please contact the Development Department at 937-890-5611. The Township Trustees have adopted a Dangerous Property Resolution to address these types of situations. If you see Individuals accessing the property, please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department at 937-225-4357 (HELP) Immediately.

I'm putting a fence on my property. Do I need a permit?

Harrison Township does not require a permit for a fence. Fence regulations state that fences In the front yard have a maximum height of 3.5 feet, they must be 1 foot away from a sidewalk, and cannot Interfere with visibLy along a driveway. Corner lots are considered to have two front yards. Fences In rear or side yards have a maximum height of 6 feet.   Fence Regulations

I'm putting a shed or detached garage on my property. Do I need a permit?

Harrison Township does require a permit for these types of structures. Application can be obtained at or at the Township Government Center. Residential permits cost $50.00. Any structure 200 square feet or larger in area will also require a permit from the Montgomery County Building Department.   Accessory Structure Application.

Does Harrison Township have ordinances concerning Insects, vermin, animal waste. or the interior of a building?
Harrison Township does not have the authority to address Insect infestations, vermin, the accumulation or placement of animal waste, or anything pertaining to the Interior conditions of a building. Please contact the Combined Health District of Dayton and Montgomery County at 937-225-4395 for these types of concerns.

How is a "Junk vehicle" defined under the property maintenance code?
A Junk or Inoperable vehicle is defined as meeting one or more of the following conditions: 1. Left on private property without permission of the controller of the property; 2. Is extensively damaged and may be missing wheels, tires, motor, transmission, etc; 3. Is apparently Inoperable as determined by visual Inspection and observation; 4. Does not display a current license plate or validation sticker.  Property Maintenance Code.

Can I have a garage sale at my property? Do I need a permit?
A permit is not required and residents are allowed to have two garage sales per calendar year. Each safe can run for 3 consecutive days, and each sale must occur a minimum of 90 days apart.

My neighbor's trees are growing over onto my property. What can be done?
If you know where your property fine is, you are permitted, though not required, to cut any tree limbs encroaching on your property. If you remove the limbs, you are responsible for their disposal. This Is available free of charge at any Montgomery County Solid Waste District location. If the tree is alive and otherwise healthy, the township cannot require the owner of the tree to cut It.