Miscellaneous Pick-Up

Miscellaneous Pick-Up
Not on our list, or can’t wait for pick up day?

Listed below are suggestions of where residents can take items the hauler cannot pick up, or if you want to get rid of something before pick up day. We recommend you call to make sure they are still accepting these items.

  • Car Batteries: Look in Yellow Pages under Auto Parts, or Batteries. There are some places that will pay “you” a small amount for your batteries.
  • Auto Parts: Look in Yellow Pages under Scrap Metal or Junk Yards.
  • Auto Fluids: Look in Yellow Pages under Auto Parts or Repairs (where they change oil and do tune ups)
  • Sand, Construction Materials, Dirt, Rocks, Shingles, Concrete, Plaster: Look inYellow Pages under Landfills/Hardfills.
  • Tires: Montgomery County Incinerator South (937) 225-4999
  • Propane Tanks: Look in Yellow Pages under Gas/Propane
  • Yard Waste: Montgomery County Incinerator South (937) 225-4999
If there are any items not listed, or if you still have questions, please contact our office at (937) 890-5611 for clarification.