Neighborhood Policing

Neighborhood Watch

The goal of the Neighborhood Watch Program is to increase residents’ awareness of and involvement in crime prevention. With citizens actively involved in the safety of their neighborhoods, the chance for criminal opportunity is substantially reduced. Harrison Township and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office support an active Neighborhood Watch Program for our citizens.

If you currently have a program in your area and want further information, or if you are interested in forming a group, please contact Cathi Spaugy at (937) 890-5611.

Community-Oriented Policing

Harrison Township and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office are committed to the community-oriented policing philosophy. The purpose of this program is to work in partnership with our residents to identify neighborhood or community problems and to develop strategies and plans to solve them. Community-oriented policing strives to break the traditional model of police services in which officers are only reactive and respond to reported crimes. The program seeks to establish the police officer as a readily available resource that works with residents on all types of situations, not just violations of the law.