Other Agencies

Montgomery County

Animal Bites

Animal bites should be reported to the Dayton-Montgomery County Combined Health District at
(937) 225-4395 or the Harrison Township Sheriff's Dispatch at (937) 225-4357.

Board of Elections

The Montgomery County Board of Elections is located at 14 West Fourth Street in Dayton.
Phone: (937) 225-5656.

Building Inspections and Permits

All building structures, plumbing and electric are inspected by the Montgomery County Building Regulations Department. Phone: (937) 225-4622.  Fire inspections are conducted by the Harrison Township Fire Department. Phone: (937) 274-4351.

Building Regulations

All building regulations are administered by the Montgomery County Building Regulations Department, which issues permits and inspects all building construction. Phone: (937) 225-4622.


Criminal court for Montgomery County is located at 41 North Perry Street in Dayton. Phone the Clerk of Courts: (937) 496-7213.

Environmental Issues

All questions and complaints related to the environment are investigated by the Dayton-Montgomery County Combined Health District. Phone: (937) 225-4395.

Health Issues

The Dayton-Montgomery Combined Health District, located at 451 W. Third Street in Dayton, is responsible for protecting the health, welfare and safety of all area residents. Phone: (937) 225-4395.

Montgomery County Engineer's Office

The Montgomery County Engineer's office reviews and approves construction of all other public improvements, new subdivisions, industrial and commercial parks, water, and storm and sanitary sewers. This office also handles all complaints regarding drainage and public and private improvements. Phone: (937) 225-4904.


Permits from the Montgomery County Building Regulations Department are required before building structure changes, electrical or plumbing work. Phone: (937) 225-4622.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected by the Montgomery County Auditor's office. Phone: (937) 225-4335.

Sanitary Sewers

The township's sanitary sewers are the responsibility of the Montgomery County Sanitary Engineering Department, 1850 Spaulding Road. Phone: (937) 781-2688.  Emergencies should be reported to
(937) 496-7000 or (937) 496-7004.

Voter Registration

Voters may pick up a registration form at the Harrison Township Government Center, 5945 North Dixie Drive or at the Montgomery County Board of Elections, 14 West Fourth Street in Dayton. Phone: (937) 225-5656.

Water services

Water service is provided to township residents by Montgomery County. Phone: (937) 781-2688.


Cable Television

Cable television is provided to township residents by Time Warner. Phone: (937) 294-6400 or 800-334-4103 and AT&T in certain areas.  Phone 888-751-6563.

Electric Service

Electric service is provided to township residents by Dayton Power & Light (DP&L). Phone: (937) 331-3520.

Gas Service

Gas service to township residents is provided by Vectren. Phone: (937) 312-2520.

Telephone Services

Local phone service is provided by AT&T. Phone: 800-288-2020.

Trash Pickup

The township contracts with Rumpke of Ohio for residential trash services. Phone: (937) 461-0004.

Other Agencies

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

An office of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices is conveniently located in Clayton at 8389 North Main Street. Phone: (937) 454-5222.

Park Services (Regional)

Five Rivers MetroParks manages and operates 23 public facilities and more than 11,000 acres for year-round recreation, education and conservation. Phone: (937) 275-7275.

Vandalia Court

Civil and criminal court matters are heard at Vandalia Municipal Court, 245 James Bonanan Memorial Drive.
Phone: (937) 898-3996.