The zoning code regulates land use in Harrison Township. It helps to protect our property values and quality of life by ensuring that new developments and other improvements are compatible with the surrounding community and neighborhood. Many home and property improvements, such as building an addition, installing a pool, adding a deck or building a shed, require a zoning certificate.

Please note that while some improvements do not require a zoning certificate, they do require a building permit, which can be obtained from Montgomery County Building Regulations.

Harrison Township Zoning Resolution

Zoning Map

The Harrison Township Zoning Map indicates how land is currently zoned.

Zoning Map

Zoning Permits

Zoning Permits are required for various activities in Harrison Township. These activities include new buildings, building additions, opening a new business, installing a new sign or changing the face of an existing sign, swimming pools, fences, and many other activities. For anyone needing a zoning certificate, here’s how the process works: applicant completes a zoning certificate application and submits it along with the appropriate drawings to the Development Department at the Harrison Township Government Center, 5945 N. Dixie Dr. The staff reviews the request and contacts the resident regarding any questions.Once the review is complete — usually within two days — the zoning certificate may be picked up at the government center.

For more information about zoning matters, contact the Development Department at (937) 890-5611.

This guide is designed to help you identify the type of permit you need, and which form you will need to submit for approval as well as answer some frequently asked questions.
Zoning Permit FAQ

Zoning Fee Schedule:

Fee Schedule 

List of Zoning Permit Applications:


Residential Permit Application

Non-Residential Zoning Permit Application

Accessory Structure Application

Permanent Sign Application

Temporary Sign Application

Political Sign Application

BZA Variance Application

BZA Conditional Use Application

BZA Administrative Appeal

ZC Rezoning Application

Temporary Outdoor Sales Permit

Change of Use Form

Mobile Food Vendor Permit 

Property Maintenance Code

Harrison Township’s property maintenance code allows us to maintain property values and the appearance of our community by establishing minimum standards for the upkeep of businesses, houses, yards and vacant lots. The most common violations are junk cars, deteriorating roofs, trash and debris, and overgrown grass or weeds. The emphasis in enforcing the code is to work with the property owner to gain compliance. Two code enforcement officers share the responsibilities in this area.

Property Maintenance Code 

High Grass and Junk & Debris

During the spring and summer months some properties in the township enter into a state of disrepair and need the township to step in and enforce our codes and regulations. For properties where there is grass higher than eight inches, the township has been given the authority to cut the high grass and subsequently bill the property owner for all costs associated with the grass cutting. However, there are legal steps the township is required by the State of Ohio to follow prior to going on private property in order to cut the grass. Also, because of the length of time it takes before the township can go onto private property and cut grass, it may appear a problem site is being ignored. Please understand we are following our legal requirements and are working as hard as possible to bring the problem properties into compliance. To report a suspected violation, or ask about a property listed on the summaries, call the Development Department at 890-5611.