If you are an existing Harrison Township business or are planning to locate in Harrison Township, this section of our website will help you understand how to work through permitting requirements for new construction, additions, renovations, and any other development related plans you may have. Please read, understand, and follow the instructions contained here, so that we can work together to keep your project on schedule.

The most common development processes and issues are covered here and most forms and instructions are available for download. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Cathi Spaugy at
937-890-5611. ­

Keys to Success

Call us as early as possible when you begin to plan a development or building project. Any information you share will be held in confidence until you actually apply for permits. We realize that confidentiality is important in a competitive business and real estate environment and we will not violate your trust.

A typical development process should follow these steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with the regulations and approval processes required by reading this website.
  • Call the Development staff to discuss the project and verify the actions required for approvals and permits.
  • Prepare conceptual plans and set up a meeting with the Development staff to discuss potential problems or opportunities.
  • Prepare detailed plans.
  • Submit for zoning approvals (Special Use, Planned Development, variance, etc.), if necessary.
  • Submit for Site Work and Building Permits, through Montgomery County Building Regulations
  • After all permits are approved…get your development underway.

As you prepare, please keep in mind that it is easier for the township to respond quickly and with accurate information if you come to us early and with a well-thought-out plan. The more details you can provide help to ensure that you get complete answers and good directions right from the start. It is very difficult for us to identify potential pitfalls if you provide incomplete information. We don't know what you know…you have to ask the right questions and tell us what you know. If you have read this site, you will be much better off.

You are free to stop in the Development office at any time. However, for the most comprehensive service, please call to arrange a meeting so that we can be prepared to discuss the specifics of your project.

If you have a development team or in some other way have more than one person working on a project, it is very helpful if you designate and use a primary contact so that at least one person has all of the information. There are too many examples of people not passing information on to the entire team, which can cause unnecessary delays and problems.

What You Can Expect From Us

Harrison Township and the Development Department will make every effort to help you through the development process in a quick, efficient, and smooth manner. Zoning, building, engineering and other permitting fees are referenced throughout this site. Timelines are also referenced and explained and may vary widely depending on the type of project you have planned.

We will be upfront with information and will offer insight relative to zoning approvals. We will treat every person who seeks assistance with respect and honesty.

Development Process and Permit Approvals

To expedite your understanding of the development process in Harrison Township, click on the categorized links below or in the navigation bar to the left at the top of the page.

Development & Permits
There may be permits required to run a business in Harrison Township, whether you decide to buy or lease, occupy or renovate existing space, or build new. Information about planning, zoning approvals, and site and construction permitting is provided.  Harrison Township reviews for zoning compliance and Montgomery County Building Regulations reviews building permits.

Zoning Approvals
Zoning approval is required for all permits. While most approvals are administrative, special requirements apply in certain situations.  Companies must obtain a Certificate of Zoning Compliance and any sign permits from Harrison Township.

A business new to Harrison Township, an existing business that relocates to a new facility, or a business that expands in the same location will potentially require an Occupancy Permit that verifies compliance with Building and Fire Safety regulations.  On Occupancy Permit is issued through Montgomery County Building Regulations.  Fire Safety regulations are enforced by the Harrison Township Fire Department.

Zoning Verification & Compliance
When properties are for sale or when a property owner seeks to refinance a mortgage, potential lenders and new owners often wish to have some verification from the Township that the property is in compliance with Building, Zoning, and Property Maintenance regulations. Information about compliance processes is also available.

Land Subdivision
If an existing land parcel is large enough to contain more than one building, together with parking and other required site amenities, then the property owner may wish to legally divide the land and sell the resulting lots individually.  This process is done through the Montgomery County Planning Commission.