Harrison Township works with many agencies to assist existing and new businesses.


The Economic Development/Government Equity program is a competative grant offered through Montgomery County.  Each year the county commissioners set aside money to encourage job creation and retention in Montgomery County.  Harrison Township can apply on behalf of a business who needs to build a new building or improve their existing building or site.  Please contact Kris McClintick at 937-890-5611 for more information.

County Corp
County Corp

County Corp is the non-profit development arm of Montgomery County.  County Corp can help with business expansion or equipment purchase.

They offer competitive loan rates. They are authorized anywhere in the State of Ohio. County Corp can help finance your capital investment and reduce your cash out of pocket. And longer terms lower your monthly loan payments.

County Corp Development has been authorized by the SBA as a 504 lender since 1982.

In 1991, the State of Ohio contracted with County Corp Development for the Ohio Regional 166 program.

County Corp Development also offers two loan programs specific for Montgomery County small business: CDBG and Child Day Care Facility Loans.

Enterprise Zone

The Northridge Section  of Harrison Township is in an established enterprise zone.  This allows tax abatements on any new construction within the zone.  To read more please follow the link to the State of Ohio Enterprise Zone site.

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a program to provide infrastructure for new developments.  Harrison Township provides new infrastructure, roads, sewer, sidewalks, lighting etc, and the increase in tax value from the development then pays the township back for the infrastructure improvements.  For more information please contact Harrison Township.

State of Ohio Incentives

The State of Ohio offers many incentives.  Harrison Township is here to assit you with any of these programs that may work for your company. 

  • Ohio Job Creation Tax Credit,  Provides corporate franchise or state income tax credit for businesses that expand or locate in Ohio for companies that incur tax liability under ORC Sections 5733.06 or 5747.02. Program will provide a tax credit against the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) beginning on July 1, 2008.Insurance companies that pay the annual franchise tax under ORC Sections 5725.18/5729.03 are eligible for the tax credit beginning July 1, 2005. 
  • Ohio Job Retention Tax Credit, Provides corporate franchise or state income tax credit for businesses that commit to retain a significant number of full-time jobs. Program will provide a tax credit against the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) beginning on July 1, 2008.
  • Ohio Research and Development Investment Tax Credit,  Provides a nonrefundable tax credit against the corporate franchise tax and is designed to encourage Ohio’s corporations to invest in increased research and development activities. 
  • Training Tax Credit, Provides tax credits for employers that train existing employees who are at risk of losing their jobs primarily due to skill deficiencies.
  • Ohio Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Grant/Ohio Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Investment Tax Credit,  Provides a nonrefundable corporate franchise or state income tax credit for manufacturer located in Ohio that purchases qualified new or retooled machinery and equipment that is used in manufacturing
  • Technology Investment Tax Credit,  Offers a variety of benefits to Ohio taxpayers who invest in small, research and development and technology-oriented forms.
  • Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit, The Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit program provides a tax credit for the rehabilitation expenses to owners of historically significant buildings.  Funding is provided through competitive rounds based on economic benefit and regional distributive balance.
  • Workforce and Talent,  Ohio has programs to assist with human resources.