Kickball with Community Helpers                                 May 30th 6pm-8pm

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Enjoy food, fun and games at Fort McKinley Church’s annual Kickball with Community Helpers – Tuesday, May 30, 6pm – 8pm at the Fort McKinley Community Garden at the corner of Salem and Pittsburg Avenue.

The event is hosted by Fort McKinley Church in partnership with Harrison Township, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the Dayton Police Department,
with the goal of building relationships among neighbors, police and local leaders.

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    "At Fort McKinley Church, we believe that when we come
     together to play and eat that we more easily see each other
     as people," shared Jon Morgan, Pastor of Fort McKinley
     church, located at 3721 W. Siebenthaler Avenue.
     "Enjoying food and fun with each other helps us break down
     the barriers that separate." 

Detective Melanie Phelps-Powers with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has participated for multiple years in the kickball event.  "Some horrible situations in recent history have made people look at police officers as the enemy," shares Detective Phelps-Powers.  "This has created a wedge between officers and citizens.  I feel community events like Kickball with Community Helpers shows citizens we are people too.  Officers laugh, love, have families and want safe neighborhoods just like everyone else.  We are in this together."