The Harrison Township Board of Trustees has traditionally taken the township form of government as a priority in as far as their responses to requests made to them by the public in general.  As a grassroots form of local government,Harrison Township feels each and every concern or issue deserves to be personally addressed by staff in the most appropriate and time sensitive fashion possible.  Township staff researches multiple solutions to each local concern with the state of Ohio as well as other local jurisdictions in order to best formulate a plan of action as a response to all concerns as they are raised.  Over the years some of these concerns have dealt with issues varying from noise concerns in our community to the curfew concerns of our young residents. 

Through staff research, The Harrison Township Board of Trustees have determined on many occasions that Harrison Township has been given the appropriate authority through the state of Ohio to pass Resolutions which address those concerns raised by our residents.  Accordingly, the Board of Trustees have passed Township Resolutions, setting up an appropriate legal framework addressing each of these concerns where the state has given the township such legal authority to do so.

Please click the links below to see a list of the Harrison Township Resolutions.

pdf Barking Dog Resolution 70-1997

pdf Transient Vendors Resolution 29-1999

pdf Noise Resolution 106-2000

pdf Curfew Resolution 42-2001

pdf Basketball Resolution 86-2004

pdf Medical Marijuana Resolution 55-2017